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Virtual Expert Help for Virtually Any Home Issue

Your one-stop shop for expert home support. Ready to start, whenever you are.

Remote Assist: From Diagnosis to Done
Remote Assist:
From Diagnosis to Done

Work one-on-one with your tech over a call or video chat.

  1. Illustration of a mobile phone screen with a Remote Assist technician

    Get a Virtual Assessment

    No prepayment and no strings attached: just an honest expert opinion to get started.

  2. Illustration of a man tightening a kitchen sink faucet with a wrench

    Work At Your Own Pace

    No rush: after the assessment, we can walk you through the project (for as little as $20!).

  3. Illustration of a man smiling to the technician on his phone screen as he turns on the kitchen faucet

    You’re Done!

    No doubt about it: if this ever comes up again, you’ll know exactly how to take care of it.

You Can Accomplish a Lot Without a Home Visit

Here are some common issues our remote home services can handle:

  1. Thermostat troubleshooting
  2. HVAC accessory replacement
  3. Water heater repair advice
  4. Faucet replacement
  5. Humidifier setting help
  6. Water treatment questions
  7. Dishwasher repair
  8. No power to outlets
  9. Generator issues
  10. Water piping and drains questions

Want to Do Some Research?

We've got thousands of home questions, answers, issues, and how-tos.

Let's Price Your Project

Start with a preliminary assessment
We'll determine the size of the job and how much it will cost.

  • Small Task

    A quick and simple fix. Your technician will explain each step and answer your questions along the way.



    • Dirty HVAC filter

    • Pipes are frozen

  • Medium Job

    Troubleshooting or repair that calls for a little more time and effort. May require a couple of common tools, too.



    • Toilet won’t stop running

    • Switch is faulty

  • Big Project

    Close instruction for a multi-step project. Grab the tool box and get ready to spend some time with your tech.



    • New garbage disposal install

    • Faucet needs replacing

Why HomeX?

  • DI(mostly)Y

    “Great service and great savings. My heat was back up and running within minutes. Plus the learnings from doing the work myself will save me service calls in the future.”

    Dennis B.


  • The Right Support, Right Away

    “Love the remote assistance through the video call - the technician was super helpful, patient and professional and walked me through each step till the problem was solved.”

    Ameya J.


  • Personal Expert Service

    “I received an excellent advice concerning issues with water heater and maintenance. Recommendations were explained to me as well as when they should apply. I highly recommend!”

    Wendy W.


The Best Tradespeople, at Your Service

HomeX technicians are at the top of their field and have plenty of wisdom to share.

Fully accredited professionals

15+ years average field experience

Trained in providing virtual service

Our techs are content creators, too


From pricing to process, here are the details you’re looking for.

Every call begins with a preliminary assessment and a little advice: your expert tech will answer your questions and identify your next steps, no strings attached.

If you want to continue with one-on-one guidance over the call, we'll price the job, ranging from $20 to $50, depending on the size of the project. Find out more.

There's no time limit to worry about, and you'll never pay more than you're quoted.

Why watch a tutorial when you can get a personal tour? All you need is a smartphone and a question — our experts will take it from there, tailoring their guidance to your system and your home.

Get friendly advice, an assessment of the issue, even help with a home repair right over a video chat. Everything happens in real time, and you have our undivided attention. No pausing, rewinding, or cursing at a screen.

All our home service experts are real, experienced HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and appliance repair professionals.

Licensed and certified according to their speciality and region, HomeX technicians have over 15 years of field experience on average, plus training in virtual home service.

See what other happy customers have to say about their experience with our techs. We've got hundreds of glowing Google reviews!

After your free assessment, your Remote Assist tech will know exactly what your next steps will be, and they'll lead you through them right away (most jobs don’t require any special equipment).

Need to get a few things first? No problem, you can schedule your Remote Assist session for another time.

We'll always put your comfort and safety first: if you don't want to proceed, no problem. If you're up for the job, rest assured your tech is by your side every step of the way until it's done.

With immediate connection to experts, easy and flexible scheduling, and a free assessment of your issue, our virtual service helps cut to the chase to speed up the repair.

Our technicians have seen it all, so they'll know the safest and most efficient way to proceed (plus no contact means less risk).

Even if we're not able to solve it on the call, you'll know your options and you'll be able to make smart decisions about your home systems.

Your Remote Assist tech will arm you with the info and understanding you need to rule out other issues, so you can get right to the matter at hand when you call out a local pro.

It's easy! to connect to a Remote Assist tech and start solving your home issue right now.

Not ready for a call? No problem, you can book an appointment for a specific time and date that suits you. Our expert techs operate on your schedule (no windows to worry about).

Talk to a Technician Today!

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