About Us
Founded in 2016 by industry veterans and headquartered in Chicago, HomeX's mission is to solve a universal problem - how to make the worries and efforts associated with taking care of our homes go away.

From emergency repairs to regular maintenance, installations, upgrades, smart device management or simple day-to-day running of a home, HomeX℠ is re-inventing what the experience of a trillion dollar industry should be by creating new, technology-powered experiences and solving for customers' needs in uncompromising ways.
We also acquire business partners across the United States who share our vision, empowering us to set the quality standard in home services.

HomeX℠ provides affiliated companies with a broad array of business management, strategy, advisory and consulting services, including providing innovative business solutions and strategic planning, online presence services across online platforms, multi-channel marketing services, brand and market strategy, growth consulting services, multi-channel personalized customer support solutions, accounting and administrative services, online booking tool and appointment management services, field management tools and local services for technicians.
Our Leadership Team
Michael Werner
Founder & CEO
Vincent Payen
Co-Founder & President
Mike Baxter
Co-Founder & CTO
Simon Weaver
Co-Founder & Chief Scientist
Nicole Lyon
Chief Product Officer & Head of Consumer Experience
Stephanie Werner
Co-Founder & Head of Business Strategy & Operations
Caroline McCarthy
Head of Business Performance
Amanda Maxwell
Head of People and Culture
Dylan Henryson
Head of Service Operations Growth
Dmitry Kharlap
Head of Engineering
Kevin Wolfley
Head of Service Experience
Our Vision
HomeX is on a mission to transform how people live with their homes
Empower people with uncompromising solutions
Offer experiences that are radically simple, personal, and magical
Leverage technology to put people at the center of everything we do
Build enduring community relationships