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Identifying Faulty AC Wires

Heating and cooling systems use 240 or 120 volt power wiring to run the motors, and 24 volt control wiring to communicate between the thermostat and indoor and outdoor units. Wiring is made to withstand harsh temperatures and electrical loads. But, weather can wear down the insulation and cause it to become brittle, allowing water to enter the cable. The unit outside can also be an inviting haven for rodents, who are known to chew and damage wiring.

What's Wrong With My AC Wiring?

From tripped breakers and blown fuses to hungry rodents and harsh weather conditions, there’s a variety of factors that may be wreaking havoc on your air conditioning wires. Before calling an electrician, there are a few things you can check yourself.

How to check your air conditioning wires

  • If your circuit breaker is tripping often, you can test to see if it's a fault of the AC wire set. Find the breaker that connects to your AC system and turn it off, then turn it back on. Wait for your AC system to restart and keep an eye on it. If the breaker trips again a short time later, the AC power system may be at fault.

  • When your air's temperature hits the thermostat set point, your AC system should turn off. If it doesn't, there may be an issue with the power system in your AC unit.

  • Pay attention to the operating behavior of your AC system. If your cooling system starts and then stops shortly after, it's short cycling. Short cycling is often a result of damaged or faulty AC wires.

If AC wires don't seem to be the issue, consider other reasons for strange smells.

What to Do If Your AC Wires Are Damaged?

If you determine there’s something wrong with your AC wires, it’s time to call a professional electrician to come solve the issue. Any electrical work is best left to the pros to keep you and your home safe.

Is your air conditioner still acting up? If you’ve had your AC wires fixed but your unit is still causing problems, reach out to one of our Remote Assist technicians for a virtual diagnosis of the issue.

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What Did You Think of This Article?