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A Spraying Ballcock Is a Sign of Toilet Issues

When you flush, the water level goes down and the ballcock (or fill valve) opens to refill the tank. When the water reaches the high point or water level setting, the valve shuts. If there's a problem, water will splash onto the tank lid when you flush the toilet.

Check Your Ballcock

The water valve, also known as a ballcock, controls the water level in your toilet tank. It is a replaceable part of the toilet tank. On some valves, there is a diaphragm on top that can wear or crack with age.

How to check your ballcock for splashing water

  • Lift the cover off the tank and set it aside in a safe place.

  • Flush the toilet and watch for any spraying water. Even a fine mist can build up over time and drip.

If you still haven't nailed down the issue, consider other culprits of leaky toilets.

What To Do If Your Ballcock Is Splashing Water Onto The Tank Lid

Try using Remote Assist to work with a technician to diagnose the problem for free. If the ballcock is cracked, your toilet is constantly running, or the handle is especially light when trying to flush, then it's likely time to replace the part. Your Remote Assist technician may even be able to help you replace it at a low cost, if you're up for the job.

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What Did You Think of This Article?