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My Microwave Button Is Not Working

With a microwave touchpad that’s not working, your microwave’s ability to perform its many important responsibilities becomes impossible. There are several issues that could be occurring in the electrical board that powers your unit, and it’s worth having it checked out so your microwave can get back to its job!

My Microwave Button’s Not Working

Tea or coffee in the morning. Popcorn for family movie night. Defrosted late night snacks. If your microwave’s start button is not working (or if any button on your microwave keypad is not working, for that matter), how are you supposed to enjoy life’s warmest delicacies? You’ll have to get to the bottom of what’s going on to get your microwave back on top of things.

Why Your Microwave Touchpad’s Not Working

A faulty microwave keypad is likely the result of an issue with the electrical board or panel that controls the appliance. Issues can include several faulty components, such as wiring, switches, fuses, transformers, switches, and even the panel itself.

Whichever component is at fault, you’d best get your unit checked out so your popcorn kernels have a place to pop!

Potential issues

  • buttons on microwave are not working

The transformer is a small device that when it is powered, it takes the current voltage from the power supply and converts it to the appropriate voltage needed to run your microwave.

  • buttons on microwave are not working

The control panel controls all the functions of the microwave. Some buttons may go bad on them at times but the microwave is still operational. If you can get the microwave to operate by pressing different buttons, then the board is starting to go bad but still good. If no buttons work or there are beeping noises, then you may have a bad control board.

  • buttons on microwave are not working

The wiring in a microwave can become loose due to movement or even shorted out for many reasons. To have all parts of the microwave working properly, inspect all wiring to ensure power is being distributed throughout the microwave accordingly. If there is a loose connection somewhere, chance is you are still getting power to the microwave but certain features wont work.

  • buttons on microwave are not working

The door switch is activated when the door is opened and closed, letting the unit know the status of the door. This function allows or does not allow further actions to the microwave. The actual switch could be bad or also the hinges that are on the door could be damaged and not making contact with the switch.

  • buttons on microwave are not working

The fuse's main purpose is to protect the microwave from overheating and to protect other components from being damaged as well. If your fuse is blown due to power overloads, replace it for a new one and if the fuse keeps shorting out, there is already a short coming from one of the microwaves other components.

  • buttons on microwave are not working

The control board is the heart of the microwave. It controls every action/button on the microwave. With out it, the microwave will not run. This part can go bad over time and will be needing replacement

  • buttons on microwave are not working

The membrane switch is the face where all the buttons are on the microwave. Is is working in connection with the control board and it can go bad over time. It is possible for some buttons to still work and other times, all buttons will fail.

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What Did You Think of This Article?