Can I do my own PAT testing?

Yes, your company was able to perform its own PAT test, provided that the person performing the test is a competent person.Talevèrvèt also invest in certain PAT test teams.



Can you do your own PAT testing?

Yes, your company can run own PAT test sounds, provided that the person who does the test is a competent person. If you decide to do your own PAT test, we strongly advise you to take a very important PAT test course to perform the PAT test properly.

Can I self certify my electrical work?

What are the self-certification systems of competent persons? Electricity contractors, registered with a self-certification system of competent persons, may self-certify compliance with Part P of the Construction Regulation when they engage in notification activities.

Do you have to pat test every year?

Although there are no requirements for the PAT test frequency, there are class 1 recommendations for office equipment, shops and hotels, including fixed and computer equipment, which must be tested every 48 months. Mobile equipment, such as extension cables and portable equipment, must be tested every 24 months.

Can an electrician test his own work?

A competent person can certify his work. Part P is a construction regulation that would mean that the notification work must be notified and, of course, installed in accordance with the current rules. It is not necessary to register to notify or complete the electrical installation certificate.

Can I do my own fire risk assessment?

Answer. In simple terms yes, there is no reason why you cannot complete the fire safety risk assessment. However, there are two fundamental aspects of the legislation that you must ensure to cover, it is the fire safety risk assessment that a competent person must perform.