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Can I Remove a Radiator Air Lock Myself?

If you’re tackling the air lock problem on your own, the simplest way is to bleed your radiator.

Bleeding Your Radiator

Like any lock, you’ll need a key to release the trapped air in your radiator.

You’ll want to begin by turning off your heating and using your radiator key to slightly loosen the bleed screw on your radiator until you hear a hissing noise. Once the hissing sound fades and water starts coming from your radiator, close the bleed screw and check to see if your radiator starts heating up again.

You can bleed the hot water in cast iron radiators, but you won’t need to do so if you have steam radiators because they can’t become air locked. If you’re constantly having to bleed your radiators, this may be a sign of a larger issue in your heating system — and a sign to call an HVAC professional!

Not Down With DIY?

DIY may not be for you, or maybe you’ve tried bleeding your radiator and it still struggles to warm up. In either case, reach out to an HVAC technician to help you solve the problem.

If your radiator isn’t bleeding correctly, there may be a problem with your radiator valves. Your system may also need a power flushing service to fully clear any trapped air or debris from the pipes. If all your radiators are cold, it’s smart to contact an HVAC professional right away to diagnose the problem with your heating system.

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What Did You Think of This Article?

What Did You Think of This Article?