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Can I Repair My Portable Air Conditioner?

If you’re not into DIY projects, you may want to have a professional repair your portable air conditioner. However, there are some issues you can detect and possibly fix yourself with the right tools and patience!

Common Problems With Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners are convenient, since they can be moved from room to room, and home to home. Like most appliances though, your portable air conditioner is susceptible to wear and tear. Here’s a rundown of common problems with portable air conditioners and how you can fix them:

Unit won’t turn on

Your unit may not be turning on for several reasons. For one, you may be dealing with faulty wiring, which will force you to restore the power supply. Check to see the plug is inserted correctly in the outlet. It’s also possible you have too many devices plugged into one circuit — in this case, consider moving some devices to another outlet.

If the outlets aren’t the issue, check to see if a breaker has tripped and reset it if necessary. If your portable air conditioner still doesn’t turn on, examine the LCDI to make sure it’s not tripped or unplugged. Be sure to examine the power cord, too.

Fan is running with no cool air

It's pretty disappointing when your portable AC won’t blow cold air. First, check if you’ve accidentally set the temperature too high; in that case, all you need to do is lower the degree.

If the temperature is right and there’s no cool air, check on your unit’s cooling mode switch and press it until it shows on the control panel. Once you’ve activated the cooling mode, give your unit and its compressor some time to align for operation.

Weak airflow

Dirty filters are the likely culprit of your portable air conditioner’s weak airflow. Luckily, this is a relatively simple DIY fix: you need to either clean the filters or replace them. Once you’ve fixed the filters, be sure your unit has its own space, unobstructed by other objects or furniture.

Check the space around your portable AC

If all the components of your portable AC seem to be working but you’re still not getting the cool results you’d hoped for, inspect the room where your unit is located. Be sure to check that your rooms are properly insulated, any doors and windows are closed, and that your unit is not in direct sunlight.

Portable AC units can only cool so much space. If you place your unit in a large room, it may not be able to cool every inch — in that case, consider adding another unit.

Is It Beyond Repair?

AC units only last for so long. If you’ve inspected the four common problems with your portable unit listed above and it’s still not working, you can either consult a technician to look at it or consider replacing it. Goodbyes are tough, but it’s worth it — after all, there’s nothing better than fresh cold air when the summer heat rolls in!

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