Can I Replace My AC Compressor Myself?

You should not try to replace your AC compressor by yourself. Replacing your AC compressor is something best left to the professionals. Because modern compressors and systems are very complex, it requires education and tools to get the job done right.


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Why Call a Contractor?

Broken compressor have you in a bind? It’s easy to see why a DIY compressor replacement might sound appealing to you. The idea of saving money AND getting your compressor back in action sounds like a deal that’s too good to be true. Unfortunately, it is. Here’s why you should put down the tool belt and pick up the phone.

Knowledge is Power

You wouldn’t want a dentist to perform your heart surgery or your heart surgeon to fix your HVAC unit for the same reason: it’s not their specialty. When it comes to the replacement of your air conditioner’s compressor, the process includes specialty cleaning and working with other systems inside your unit. That’s why, without a strong understanding of all the functions and parts in your HVAC system, tackling your faulty compressor on your own can quickly lead to a catastrophe.

When a problem arises with your compressor, a seasoned pro is just one call away — time to ring up your HVAC technician. He has the right knowledge, tools, and experience to get to the bottom of any problem your system is facing.

The Price is Right

Calling in a contractor may cost you an extra few bucks, but peace of mind is worth the price. Finding the unique materials and parts you need to replace your system’s compressor is time-consuming, expensive, and can be hard to come by without connections to the HVAC world. Often, contractors also have deals with part providers that allow them to get the best pricing and parts for your system.






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