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Can Remote Assist Solve My Problem?

Remote Assist is our answer to the trial and error and time-consuming trips that can come with traditional home service calls.

Our expert technicians can virtually diagnose your problem for free, no strings attached!

After you get to the bottom of the issue, you can choose to move on to a remote repair: your expert can help fix a range of common heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical issues right then and there, with the help of a picture or live video shared on your smartphone.

With some simple virtual guidance, you’ll surprise and impress yourself with how many home repairs you can resolve on your own!

DIY Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Your home repairs can go from rain checks to reality in just one phone call. Here’s a rundown of some common Remote Assist jobs a technician can help guide you through:

Programming a thermostat

A setting on your programmable thermostat is likely changing the temperature according to a schedule. Your Remote Assist technician can help you program a permanent thermostat setting for your home.

Resetting an electrical breaker

When an electrical breaker trips, you may lose power in one room or more, depending on how many rooms are powered by a circuit. Breakers can easily be reset by pushing the breaker handle firmly to the ‘Off’ position then back to ‘On.’ However, your breaker likely tripped because something else went wrong — that’s where your Remote Assist technician can help lead you to the main issue.

Identifying error codes

Error codes may appear on the display of a device like your water heater, and they’re not always easy to identify or understand (especially if your manufacturer manual is long gone). Your technician can help explain the codes and how to fix the issue.

Replacing a filter

Over time, the filter on your heating and cooling system collects dirt and dust. Aside from cleaning your filter, you’ll eventually want to replace it. If you’re unsure how to do so, a Remote Assist session can do the trick.

Emergency water shut off

You may one day need to shut off all water supply in your home to prevent any leaks from escalating –– so you’ll definitely want to know how to use it. Remote Assist can help you locate your shut-off valve and explain how and when it should be used.

Unclogging a garbage disposal

If your garbage disposal works too much overtime with hard-to-grind scraps, it may get clogged. In many cases, you can fix the clog yourself, but you’ll need to first diagnose the issue with your disposal and understand the steps to clearing the clog.

Bleeding a radiator

Your cold radiators may be air-locked, which prevents water from flowing through the radiator. A Remote Assist technician can guide you through bleeding a cast iron radiator (if you have a steam radiator, it cannot get air locked).

Relighting a furnace pilot light

If the pilot light on your furnace is out, it prevents the furnace from operating. Remote Assist can run you through how to relight the pilot light, bringing your furnace back to life.

Thawing frozen HVAC pipes

Frozen pipes may not be as easy to find as they are to thaw –– good thing Remote Assist can help you do both! With virtual instruction, you’ll be able to locate and thaw your pipes safely in no time.

Treating an AC leak

Your AC may be leaking for a number of reasons. A Remote Assist technician can help identify what’s causing your AC to leak and provide expert guidance on how to fix it (and when a pro really needs to come out to help).

Lend Yourself a Helping Hand

Manufacturer and instruction manuals don’t always cut it when it comes to a quick home repair, so let a Remote Assist technician fill in the blanks. Since it’s free for the virtual diagnosis, and just $50 for the repair (and ONLY if we fix it on the call), you’ve got nothing to lose!

Give Remote Assist a go — there’s no better feeling than a pat on the back after tackling a tricky home repair yourself.

Let's Get It Fixed!

HomeX virtual experts will assess your issue (for free!) and can resolve simple problems.

What Did You Think of This Article?

What Did You Think of This Article?