Can you put a tub in a shower stall?

Tub shower conversions. Turn your shower into a relaxing bathtub. We can install a durable bathtub in the footprint of your existing shower and then revitalize the surrounding walls to create a space that looks and works exactly as you wish.



Can you put a washing machine in a shower room?

A bathroom is not an ideal place for a washing machine. The main criterion is that a person in the bathtub or shower (and probably also in the bathroom) should not be able to touch the washing machine. The washing machine should also be connected to the outside of the bathroom and protected by an RCD.

Can you put a shower in a corner tub?

But to keep it as functional as it is elegant, you can use angle baths for small bathrooms. This configuration can save enough space to use the remaining area for additional shower or storage. Angle baths for small bathrooms can be positioned in various ways. For example, you can place it along one of the walls.

Can I put a shower where a toilet was?

If you remodel the bathroom and discover that the shower must be installed in the rental of the previous toilets, you can simply change the drain from the bathroom to a drain from the shower.

Can you have a walk in shower in a small bathroom?

Yes, even a tiny bathroom can have a separate bathroom and shower. Using a narrow corner, this tiny walk-in grease bath for a tiny independent bathroom. Blue over the shower floor and encased dining table bring a touch of color to the white bathroom.

Can you use a shower curtain in a shower stall?

If you have a stall shower that is not locked in the glass, you can in fact ignore the width of the curtain. But most of these bathtub curtains fit into a just fine stall shower the fabric will just be a little closed on each end.