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Can You Replace a Furnace Control Board Yourself?

Replacing your furnace control board requires strong technical expertise and understanding of the way your HVAC system functions together — and is better left to the work of a HVAC technician.

Time To Call In A Professional

Diagnosing The Problem

Since your control board is a complex part of your HVAC unit, if diagnosed incorrectly, it can cause a lot of damage. So, it’s best to bring in a trained set of eyes to help you diagnose the problem and work on a solution that’s best for your budget and your system.

Wild Wiring

While DIY repair is possible, it’s best to call in an HVAC service provider when your control board seems to be acting up. As the brain of your system, it's important to get installed in precisely the right way. It can be tricky to determine what wire goes where when installing or repairing your control board. A wrongly connected wire or set of wires can wreak havoc on your system and put your control board at risk. Often, professional equipment is also required to properly repair or replace your circuit board so it functions at its best.

Let's Get It Fixed!

HomeX virtual experts will assess your issue (for free!) and can resolve simple problems.

What Did You Think of This Article?

What Did You Think of This Article?