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Your Drain Won't Unclog Itself

If you’re washing your hands and notice the water won’t drain, the issue is fairly obvious: your drain is clogged. Here's when to try home remedies to clear things up, and when to call a professional in to deal with a clog that's deep down in your drain lines.

Check Your Drains

Your drains can be clogged by dirt, debris, hair, and soap scum. Cleaning these remnants might not be fun, but it’s important to inspect your drains to prevent large blockages (or find an existing one).

How to check your drains

  • Before you attempt to unclog your drain, empty out the space below your sink, position a bucket below the sink to catch any water, and take out the sink stopper.

  • Chemical cleaners don’t often work on tough clogs and can cause dangerous fumes. Consider using a closet auger, drain snake, baking soda, or a saltwater mixture to unclog your drain. If you do use a chemical cleaner, let your technician know. If a plumber ends up fixing a blockage, a splash of water could expose chemicals that can cause burns or blindness.

  • Be careful not to run too much water because if there's a deeper blockage, you won't want to fill everything up only to empty it out with a bucket. After running the water, watch to see if it drains. If the water drains, you've saved the day!

  • If the water is still pooling, check to see if water is draining in other fixtures. This may indictae whether you're dealing with a larger blockage. You can relay this information to your technician, or check the drain lines and drain pipes.

What To Do If Your Drain is Clogged

If your water still won't drain after your cleaning attempts, it might be time for a professional plumber to come in and fix the issue.

You can start with Remote Assist for an expert diagnosis, and you might even find you can fix the problem right on the call with some guidance from your virtual tech!

NOTE: This content is for informational purposes only, and HomeX and its affiliates disclaim all liability related to it. If you decide to perform any tasks based on this information, you assume all risks, including the risk of loss or damage to property or personal injury.

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What Did You Think of This Article?