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Improving Indoor Air Circulation

Dust buildup, allergens, and other forms of indoor air pollution can be traced to poor fresh air circulation. Opening windows and doors frequently can help keep indoor air pollution at bay.

Why Are Closed Windows and Doors Problematic?

Air exchange is an important part of indoor air quality. Dusting, vacuuming, and sweeping will help to reduce dust, but each time you clean, some of that dust also gets sent into the air. If the air doesn't have anywhere to go, the dust will simply fall back onto your surfaces after you finish cleaning.

How to know if a lack of fresh air is the problem

  • Indoor air pollution can cause allergy and asthma problems or worsen the problem you might already have. If you feel lousy at home but better everywhere else, the problem could be in the air.

  • If you clean often but the furniture and other surfaces in your home have a heavy accumulation of dust, the problem is likely that you're not getting enough fresh air in.

Didn't work? If your home's air is still showing signs of indoor allergens, there might be something else going on that you can't see yourself. You can reach out to our Remote Assist experts for a virtual diagnosis.

What to Do if Fresh Air Circulation Is the Problem?

To reduce allergen and pollutant buildup in your home, you should exchange stale indoor air for fresh outdoor air as often as possible. Keep your windows and doors open as often as the weather allows.

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What Did You Think of This Article?

What Did You Think of This Article?