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Identify and Fix a Partially Closed Inlet Valve

A partially closed cold water inlet valve can lower your water pressure and make unpleasant noises as water passes through it. For your water to flow freely, make sure the valve is fully open.

Check Your Cold Water Inlet Valve

Your cold water inlet has a shut-off valve that can be opened or closed to stop the flow of water during leaks or repairs. Like anything left partially closed, there’s a degree of risk that things won't work as expected — in this case, your water pressure can suffer.

How to check your cold water inlet valve

  • The water shut-off valve is usually found near the front of your house, close to your water meter. There should be a lever or a round handle next to the water lines where they enter your home.

  • If it's a lever or ball style valve and the handle is going in the same direction as the pipe it's connected to, then the valve is open. If the handle is at an angle or running in the opposite direction to the pipe it's connected to, then the valve is off or partially closed and restricting the flow.

    If you have a round or oval handle, turn it clockwise to close it and counterclockwise to open it. Make sure it's turned counterclockwise as far as it will go.

If you're still trying to get to the bottom of a noisy home, check out some other possible causes.

What To Do If Your Inlet Valve Is Partially Closed

As the steps above show, you can fully open or close your cold water inlet valve yourself. Just be sure to turn the handle as far as it can go in either direction.

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What Did You Think of This Article?