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No Water? How To Identify A Loss In Cold Water Tank Pressure

If you can't draw water from your well and your power recently went out, someone may have run the tap while the power was out. A seemingly harmless act that can cause the water tank pressure in the cold water tank to drop, which means water won't run even after the power is restored.

Check Your Cold Water Tank Pressure Gauge

Inside your well's cold water storage tank, there's a pressure gauge that constantly monitors the tank's air pressure.

When you turn on a tap, water rushes out of the tank and lowers the air pressure inside the tank. The pressure gauge then lets the pump know it's time to get to work and refill the tank. As long as the pressure stays within a certain range, the system works seamlessly.

In a power outage, the pump can't pull water out of the well. If you try to run your water before the power comes back on, you'll unknowingly drain too much water out of the tank, lowering the pressure so much that the pressure gauge no longer works.

Once you lose pressure inside the tank, you won't be able to draw any water from your well, even after the power comes back on.

How To Check If Your Losing Cold Water Tank Pressure

  • Check the circuit breaker to see if your water pump has power. If the circuit breaker has been tripped, you'll see a red indicator on the circuit breaker for your water pump.

  • If the breaker hasn't been tripped or you still don't have water after turning it back on, you'll need to check your cold water tank's pressure gauge. Near the bottom of your cold water tank, you should see the pressure gauge connected to a fitting on the water lines. The guage will have a face with a hand that measures the amount of pressure inside the tank. If it reads 0 psi, you've lost pressure.

What To Do If Your Are Losing Cold Water Tank Pressure

This is an issue that calls for help from a professional technician, since trying to resolve it yourself can lead to more issues. Contact a technician to come assess the problem and determine your next steps.

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What Did You Think of This Article?