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A Broken Dip Tube Can Limit Your Hot Water

The dip tube is a crucial part in your hot water heater that ensures your water heats up as you need it to. When it breaks, you can expect to have hot water issues — never a nice surprise!

Check Your Dip Tube

The dip tube helps make sure you get a steamy shower instead of an ice bath. It directs incoming cold water to the bottom of the tank, near the burner, so that it can be heated.

If the dip tube fails, the cold water will stay near the top of the tank instead of being pushed to the bottom. This can cause the system to short circuit and cold water will go out through the hot water side.

How to check your dip tube

  • Run a faucet on hot. If you have a bathtub tap, that's the easiest to use. Check that the temperature is consistent. If you feel any sudden or frequent changes, your dip tube may not be working.

  • With the hot water still running, go to your hot water heater. Being careful not to burn yourself, very carefully feel the hot water outlet pipe. If you can feel changes in temperature, your dip tube needs to be replaced.

If the dip tube isn't the problem, there's other issues that prevent hot water from flowing through the pipes.

What To Do If Your Dip Tube Is Broken

A broken dip tube needs to be replaced as soon as possible, if you want to restore your hot water. This is a job for an expert technician.

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What Did You Think of This Article?