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Dealing With a Leaky Dishwasher Drain Line

If you notice water coming from your dishwasher or that your dishes are unusually dirty, a leaking drain line could be the issue. Follow these troubleshooting steps to confirm the source.

Check Your Dishwasher Drain Line

Your dishwasher has two main lines: the main water supply and the drain line (also called the waste line), which connects from the dishwasher to the garbage disposal or a dishwasher tailpiece under the kitchen sink.

The drain line only contains water when the dishwasher is running, so as long as your dishwasher is off, you won't have to worry about further leaks while you're waiting for a repair.

How to check your dishwasher drain line for leaks

  • Make sure that no one can turn it back on while you're working. If you can't turn off the electricity for any reason, assume that every wire is hot with electrical power and be very careful.

  • At the base of your dishwasher, there is a panel that blocks the plumbing under the dishwasher. Remove the two screws holding the panel in place, then take off the panel.

  • Check the area to see if the leak is coming from the lines or the dishwasher itself. If it's coming from the main water line, you'll see dripping even with the dishwasher off.

  • If you don't see any active drips, clean up the puddle to make it easier to spot leaks. Once the area is dry, turn the dishwasher back on. Be careful not to touch any wiring while the dishwasher is running. Use a flashlight to look under the dishwasher and watch for new leaks as it goes through the various cycles.

    If the dripping isn't coming from one of the tubes, that means the dishwasher itself is leaking. If it drips only when it's draining water, then the drain line is your culprit.

If you haven't cracked the code on your leak, consider other reasons for water under the dishwasher.

What to Do if Your Dishwasher Drain Line Is Leaking?

If you find that a leaking dishwasher drain line is the issue, you'll want to contact a technician to repair it. While you're waiting for a technician, be sure nobody runs the dishwasher!

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What Did You Think of This Article?