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Dishwasher Not Getting Hot? Time For A Temperature Check

If your dishwasher is producing dirty dishes, it’s likely your dishwasher is not getting hot enough. The same way you take a hot shower to wash your skin, your dishwasher uses hot water to clean your dishes. If the water is not hot enough, it’s time for a temperature check.

Why Is My Dishwasher Not Getting Hot?

Your dishwasher has two main parts that regulate the water temperature during cycles: the heating element and the thermostat. If your dishwasher is not getting hot enough, there may be an issue with one of these parts.

How to check for broken dishwasher parts

  • During the wash cycle, the dishwasher should get hot enough to create steam. Open the door slightly while the dishwasher is still mid-cycle. You should see steam escape from the gap. If you don't see any steam, your dishwasher isn't getting hot enough to clean your dishes properly.

    CAUTION: Stand back a bit and open the door carefully. Water shouldn't splash out, but it's best to be cautious.

  • Once the cycle ends, feel the dishes inside and determine whether they are hot to the touch. If they're only warm or even cold to the touch, your dishwasher isn't getting as hot as it should be to clean the dishes properly.

If the temperature seems fine, consider other reasons for dirty dishes.

What To Do If Your Dishwasher Water Isn't Heating Up

When your dishwasher water temperature is too low, you may need to adjust the settings on the thermostat.

Water still cold and dishes still dirty? You may be dealing with a faulty heating element. Reach out to one of our Remote Assist technicians who can provide a virtual diagnosis and guide you through the issue!

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What Did You Think of This Article?