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Do All HVAC Systems Have Damper Motors?

No, damper motors are only in zoned HVAC systems. Automatic dampers use damper motors to turn the dampers inside of your ductwork. If you don’t have automatic dampers in your HVAC system, your system won’t have a damper motor.

Types of Dampers

Dampers are part of an HVAC zoning system. Automatic dampers use a damper motor to drive the opening and closing of your ducts to change how air flows throughout your home. With a manual damper, you can change the flow of air to particular zones in your home by turning a handle outside of your duct (so a motor isn’t required). Keep in mind that, while automatic dampers are handy, they’ll only function if your damper motor is running correctly.

Does My HVAC System Have A Damper Motor?

Unless you have a zoned HVAC system with automatic dampers, a damper motor won’t be part of your HVAC unit. Other types of HVAC systems don’t require damper motors to move air to and through different rooms.

If you’re experiencing problems with your HVAC zoning system, call in a contractor to help you find out if your damper motor is bad.



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