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Do I need to zone my heating system?

A zoning is a common practice for all new central heating systems and is required by the current Building Regulation. To adapt your existing central heating system, motorized valves must be installed in pipes that supply the different areas, controlled by wall thermostats.




How do I rebalance my heating system?

To balance the central heat system, stop the heat system and allow all radiators to cool. Open both valves for all radiators and bring them to heat. You may need help, but now you have to go to each radiator and work when they are hot and in that order are hot.

Is a room thermostat necessary?

The thermostat of the room must be adjusted to the lowest and most comfortable temperature, usually between 18 and 21 degrees. It is not necessary to turn on the thermostat when it is colder outside the house will be heated to the temperature set independently.

Do I need a heat pump if I have a gas furnace?

With a heat pump, there is only one installation, maintenance, repair or replacement system. Unlike a central oven and air conditioning, it is not necessary to heat and cool rooms that are not used. Better yet, heat pumps with programmable thermostats can be adjusted to hit only when at home.

Do I need thermostats on my radiators?

It is not necessary to lift the thermostat when it is colder outside the house will be heated to the independent temperature set. You can have different temperatures in individual rooms by installing thermostatic valve radiators (TRV) in individual radiators.

Do I need HVAC in basement?

Unfinished basements usually contain ovens, air handlers and other HVAC components. When designing a floor plan for your finished basement, you will want to develop a way to block devices for aesthetic and functional reasons, without shutting them down completely.

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