Does Homeowners Insurance Cover a Furnace Replacement?

Standard home insurance policies can provide financial protection against furnace damage, but it depends on your situation. While it would be nice for your homeowners insurance policy to cover your furnace replacement, you can’t always count on that. Insurance coverage will depend on your policy and what caused the damage.


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Policy Coverage

Your homeowner’s insurance is very specific to you and your home, meaning there are circumstances where it can cover your furnace’s replacements, and others where you’ll have to dig into your own pockets.

What Your Coverage Covers

If your furnace was damaged due to fire, theft, or natural disasters, it’s likely your insurance policy will cover the costs to either repair or replace it.

What You’ll Cover

If your furnace stops working due to improper installation, failure to keep up with maintenance, wear and tear, or old age, it’s likely you’ll be responsible for covering the costs for its replacement. However, if your furnace causes other damages to your home like a fire, it’s possible your insurance will cover these expenses.

It is What it is

Determining the limit of your homeowner’s insurance policy can be tricky. However, you can expect damages to your furnace that are completely out of your control to be handled by your policy. Either way, you’ll want to replace your damaged furnace as soon as you can, so you can be warm when cooler temperatures arrive.




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