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Does My AC use the Same Power Switch as My Furnace?

While the thermostat is used for both your heating and cooling system, each system is activated by its own switch.

The Power of Your Thermostat

The thermostat house is the main control for your heating and cooling systems. The job of your thermostat is to maintain a set temperature point by turning on your AC or furnace as needed to reach and keep the temperature you’ve set.

AC Shut-Off Switch

Your AC may have a shut-off switch located near the unit, inside of a metal box attached to the outside of your home. It should be used to turn your AC off if there's a problem with the equipment or to avoid injury when servicing the unit.

Furnace Disconnect Switch

Your furnace is operated by an indoor disconnect switch that looks like a typical light switch. This switch turns your furnace on and off so you don’t need to do so at your main electrical panel.

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What Did You Think of This Article?