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Does my Blower Wheel Need to be Cleaned?

If you can draw the line, you've crossed it. That dusty surface means it's time for a deep clean. In other cases, the cue isn’t so visible. To keep your HVAC system’s blower motor working properly, you may want to have your blower wheel cleaned. If you find your blower wheel requires an annual cleaning, it’s worth asking your technician about upgrading the air filtration system.

The Filthy Effects of a Filthy Blower Wheel

Your blower wheel and its blades are tasked with moving air through your duct system. Once these parts start accumulating dirt and dust, airflow and efficiency slow down. Your blower motor will have to work extra hard to maintain your home’s temperature.

A dirty blower wheel can impair the airflow in your heating and cooling system, causing your heat exchanger to overheat and your AC coils to freeze. If too much dirt builds up on your blower wheel, it will reduce the efficiency of your blower motor and your entire HVAC system.

Dusting Might not be Enough

Blowing the dust off your blower wheel isn’t like blowing out the birthday candles. If you attempt to clean the wheel yourself, you should consider using tools like a vacuum, toothbrush, and paint brush. Of course, you can also leave it to an HVAC professional to check your blower wheel and motor to make sure they’re in good shape.

Benefits of a Deep Clean

Keeping a clean blower wheel can prevent a damaging chain reaction through your AC system, and you’ll enjoy a few other benefits, like:

  • Improved efficiency

  • Extended motor life

  • Reduced blower noise

  • Fewer cold spots in the system

  • Reduced vibration

  • Lower monthly energy bills

Another one Doesn't Bite the Dust

In order to keep control of the temperature in your home, it’s important to have your blower wheel cleaned of dust (so it doesn’t bite the dust). A clean blower wheel will keep the rest of your HVAC system happy and you’ll get the clean air you deserve.

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What Did You Think of This Article?