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The Water Heater Reset Button May Fix Your No Hot Water Issue

A reset button trips when your water heater overheats. If that’s the case, you can easily fix your no hot water issue. Check the water heater reset button first, and if that doesn’t do the trick, you can check the thermostat next.

Check Your Electric Water Heater's Reset Button

There are typically two covers on hot water heaters (one for each thermostat), and the reset button is located on the thermostat under the top cover.

This large red button is a safety device that trips when your water heater overheats. A simple reset should be all you need to get your system running again, but if the reset button keeps tripping, there’s likely something wrong with your thermostats.

How to check your electric water heater's reset button

  • Turn off the circuit breaker leading to your water heater.

  • Once you're sure the circuit is off, remove the metal cover near the top of the tank. Inside the cover you'll see a thermostat with a large red button.

  • Push in on the red button and listen for a click. If it clicks, replace the cover and turn the circuit breaker back on. When you put your ear up to the hot water heater, you should hear a humming sound.

  • Sometimes the click can be hard to hear. Try running some hot water, just in case it worked. If you have hot water, great! If not, and the thermostat trips again, it's time to replace your thermostat.

If the reset button doesn't seem to be the problem, you can explore other reasons for no hot water.

What To Do If Your Electric Water Heater's Reset Button Trips

Luckily, all you need to do is click the reset button. However, if the problem keeps happening, you may want to replace your system's thermostats — another task you can tackle yourself, or team up with a technician through Remote Assist.

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What Did You Think of This Article?