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Seeing Drying Machine Symbols? What Does This Error Code Mean?

If your drying machine is speaking a written language you can’t understand, there are a few things that might be wrong. Whether you see a warning message or an indicator light on your dryer, let’s debunk your dryer’s message to clear those error codes.

Why is My System Displaying Dryer Symbols?

If your drying machine is showing symbols or has an indicator light on, you may be wondering: “what does this error code mean?”. An error message appears on your dryer when something is wrong with the system, such as faulty wiring or other specific issues. Let’s decipher your dryer’s message!

Potential issues

  • clothes not drying
  • error codes on the dryer display
  • no lights on the dryer display

The dryer has several electrical components that need to be wired in properly. The wiring may wear down over time or shake loose with the movement of the dryer. If the dryer is getting some power, there may be an error code that pops up on the display that will tell you where the short may be coming from. In more extreme cases, the dryer may not have power at all. The wiring will need to be replaced or reconnected in order for the dryer to function.


  • error codes on the dryer display

The dryer has specific error codes that will lead you in the direction of which component is failing in order for you to look into the issue and resolve it.

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What Did You Think of This Article?

What Did You Think of This Article?