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A Washer Faucet Leaking May Be The Cause of Your Faucet Dripping

One of the most common causes of your faucet dripping is a leaking faucet washer. This little part acts as a compression that keeps the water sealed in your system. If it’s worn, it’ll let water seep through.

Why Do Faucet Washers Leak?

Over time, faucet washers get compressed between the parts in your faucet. This can cause it to disintegrate and let water seep through.

How to check for a leaking washer faucet

  • Turn the the handle on your tap until you're sure its completely closed. If your tap has a hot and cold handle, make sure to check both.

  • After you've turned off the taps, you may see one or two final drips as the last of the water clears. If it continues dripping after that, you've got a leak.

If the seat or washer don't seem to be the issue, explore other causes of leaky faucets.

What To Do If Your Faucet Washer is Leaking?

If the washer is the source of your leaking faucet, all you'll need to do is take out the worn one and replace it with a new one. You can reach out to our Remote Assist technicians for a walk-through on how to do so.

Didn't work? If the faucet's still dripping, you're probably dealing with something a bit more complicated. You can reach out to our Remote Assist expert for a free virtual diagnosis!

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What Did You Think of This Article?