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Identifying a Faulty DIshwasher Water Inlet Valve

Your dishwasher is made up of several parts that work to keep your dishes clean. Over time, some of these parts, like the water inlet valve, may wear out and make it difficult for your dishwasher to function properly.

How Do I Know If My Water Inlet Valve Is Faulty?

Like all appliances, your dishwasher needs maintenance from time to time. If your dishwasher is leaking or if your dishes are coming out dirty, there’s likely an issue with the water inlet valve that controls the flow of water into your unit.

How to Check for a Faulty Water Inlet Valve

  • Make sure that no one can turn it back on while you're working. If you can't turn off the electricity for any reason, assume that every wire is hot with electrical power and be very careful.

  • At the base of your dishwasher, there is a panel that blocks the plumbing under the dishwasher. Remove the two screws holding the panel in place, then take off the panel.

  • Watch the water inlet valve for any leaks. If you see water dripping from where the supply line connects to your dishwasher, your inlet valve may need to be replaced before the leak worsens.

    If you don't see any leaks under the dishwasher, look inside it as well. If there's water leaking into the dishwasher when it's not in use, your inlet valve needs to be replaced.

  • Turn your dishwasher to a cycle that fills it with water. Listen for the flow of water, it may sound fairly weak if it is not letting in sufficient water. Once the cycle begins, open the dishwasher and inspect the amount of water at the bottom. If it's minimal, the root of the issue may be at the water inlet valve.

If the inlet valve doesn't seem to be the problem, consider other reasons why your dishes aren't getting clean.

What to Do about Your Dishwasher Water Inlet Valve?

There’s nothing better than a freshly clean and sparkling rack of dishes after a cycle — so if you suspect there’s an issue with the water inlet valve, you’ll want to replace it.

If you’ve replaced the inlet valve and your dishwasher is still leaking or not cleaning properly, you may have a larger problem at hand. Reach out to one of our Remote Assist technicians that can offer a virtual diagnosis and help guide you through the issue.

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What Did You Think of This Article?