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My Furnace is Making Noise

If you’ve got a noisy furnace on your hands, it’s likely an issue with your blower motor or your system’s airflow processes. Whatever the case may be, you’ll need to have your system checked out to get your peace and quiet (and peace of mind!) back intact.

Why is My Furnace Making Noise?

Unwelcome sounds can turn your peaceful place into something far less than tranquil—and nobody wants that! To silence the noise and get your serenity back, you’ll need to seek out the cause behind your furnace noises.

Common Causes of Furnace Noises

Your furnace’s many parts work together to heat up and distribute air throughout your home to maintain your comfort. With everything going on in there, it’s a wonder that your furnace typically doesn’t make much noise! But when it does, it means one of those parts is not working properly: the blower wheel or motor. This part may be rubbing against another part, not functioning correctly, worn, or may even have failed.

Whatever happened to your blower motor, you’ll need to have it sorted to get your silence back.

Potential issues

  • furnace is too noisy
  • whistling noise from the ductwork

A furnace is a 'forced-air' system that works by distributing heat via ductwork and an air handler. Without that airflow distribution, your system cannot work properly and you will experience inconsistent temperatures or poor airflow distribution in your home. If you are experiencing low airflow from your air vents, there may be a problem with your furnace or ductwork that will need to be inspected by a professional.


  • pockets of cold air
  • furnace is too noisy

Let's Get It Fixed!

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What Did You Think of This Article?

What Did You Think of This Article?