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How To Know if Your Furnace Pilot Light Has Gone Out

The pilot light in your furnace is the beating heart of your system and without it, your furnace can't do its job. If your furnace pilot light is out, the system won't produce heat. You'll need to relight that flame to get things working again.

Why Do Furnace Pilot Lights Go Out?

The most common reason pilot lights go out is a faulty part in your heating system. When this happens, you'll be able to tell pretty quickly because you'll lose heat in your home!

How to check if your pilot light has gone out

  • Check the temperature of the air coming out of your vents. Is it cold? If so, your furnace pilot light might be out.

  • Go to your furnace and check that the pilot light is on. To see your pilot light, remove the small front cover near the base of your furnace and look inside. If you see flame, then your pilot light is on. If you don't see anything, your pilot light has gone out.

  • Check your thermostat to ensure that it's on and set to heating. The temperature setpoint should also be high enough to turn the heating system on.

  • Make sure your propane tank has an enough fuel in it for your furnace to run. If your furnace uses natural gas, check with your gas company to see if there have been any interruptions in the gas service to your home.

Still no heat? Discover other reasons why your furnace can't keep up.

What To Do If Your Furnace Pilot Light is Out?

If your pilot light is indeed out, all you'll need to do is relight it!

Didn't work? If your furnace still isn't properly heating, you may have a more complex issue on your hands that calls for a professional's expertise. You can reach out to our Remote Assist expert for a virtual diagnosis!

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What Did You Think of This Article?