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Garbage Disposal Humming? Check If Your Garbage Disposal Blade Is Jammed

If your garbage disposal hums but does not grind, it may be because the garbage disposal blades are stuck or jammed. Get to the bottom of the issue to find out what to do next.

Why Are My Garbage Disposal Blades Jammed?

Your garbage disposal has one very important job: grind up whatever you put in it. It does so by spinning a set of blades that grind up what goes through the disposal. Yet, if you put something in the disposal that’s not meant to be there, or don’t run your disposal frequently, the blades themselves can get stuck, or as the pros say, “seized.” This will cause your disposal to hum (but not grind) as it tries to work with stuck blades.

How To Know If Your Garbage Disposal Blades Are Jammed

  • Run water into the garbage disposal drain for a few seconds. Does the water drain normally? If the water pools inside the disposal or doesn't drain from the sink, then the garbage disposal could be clogged.

  • Run the garbage disposal and put your hand on the edge of the sink. Is it vibrating? If the garbage disposal is working hard enough to vibrate the entire sink, then there is a good chance the blades are seized or something is stuck inside the garbage disposal.

    CAUTION: Keep your hands a safe distance from the garbage disposal when it's running.

  • Make sure the garbage disposal is off, then pull the guard away from the sink drain. Grab a flashlight and shine it down into the garbage disposal. Do you see any food scraps, utencils, or other objects? If you do, then the blades may just be jammed. If you don't see anything, then the blades are likely seized.

    CAUTION: Never reach your hand inside the garbage disposal to pull an object out. Putting your hand inside the disposal is dangerous even if the unit isn't running.

Are your garbage disposal blades jammed? If not, consider other problems pointing to why your disposal is acting up.

What To Do If Your Garbage Disposal Blades Are Jammed

In order to get your garbage disposal back to grinding, you’ll need to get those jammed blades un-stuck. Depending on the severity of the issue, you’ll either need to un-jam the blades or replace the disposal entirely. Reach out to one of our Remote Assist experts for a free virtual walk-through to see what your next best steps are!

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What Did You Think of This Article?