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A Broken Flange Seal Can Put Your Garbage Disposal at Risk

The flange seal connects your sink to the garbage disposal. If you notice your garbage disposal acting up, inspect the flange to see if it needs replacing before it has the chance to trigger a leak that leads to water damage.

Check Your Flange Seal

Your garbage disposal wears a protective seal to prevent water from leaking through. But, like all things, this seal wears down over time. Frequent vibrations or bumps can weaken it further, and once water is able to leak through, the seal will need to be replaced.

How to check your flange seal

  • There are two areas around the flange that could be leaking. The first is the gasket where the top flange attaches to the disposal. The second is where the flange attaches to the sink. To determine which is the culprit, dry off the entire area around the top of your garbage disposal. Make sure your garbage disposal is off, then try to move the flange in the sink. If you can move it, the seal is broken and loose.

  • If you can't move it and you don't see any new droplets of water around it, run the tap until the leak is found.

    If it's leaking from where the flange is attached to the gasket, then the gasket is leaking.

    If it's leaking from where the garbage disposal attaches to the sink, then it's the flange.

If the flange seal doesn't seem to be the issue, there's a few other problems your garbage disposal could be facing.

What To Do If Your Flange Seal Is Broken

Once you've confirmed the flange seal is broken, you can try replacing it yourself or consult a HomeX Remote Assist technican for a helping hand!

NOTE: This content is for informational purposes only, and HomeX and its affiliates disclaim all liability related to it. If you decide to perform any tasks based on this information, you assume all risks, including the risk of loss or damage to property or personal injury.

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What Did You Think of This Article?