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Garbage Disposal Vibrating? Find Out What It Means

If your sink is making more noise than normal, check to see if your garbage disposal is vibrating excessively while it's in use.

Why Is My Garbage Disposal Vibrating?

Your garbage disposal may vibrate for several reasons. It's normal for your system to vibrate if it's churning and breaking down food. However, if your garbage disposal is empty and is vibrating, there may be a larger issue at stake like a broken impeller or a stuck flywheel. Either way, you'll want to fix your garbage disposal quickly to get your sink back in order.

Potential Issues

  • garbage disposal is vibrating

The inside of your garbage disposal looks like a long tube with vertical slots cut in the walls. At the bottom of the tube is a plate with blades. As the blades spin against the inner wall, it cuts the food waste into tiny pieces that then get washed through the slots and down the drain. However, if something goes into the disposal that the blades can't cut through, or the disposal isn't used often enough, the blades can seize and stop spinning. Depending on the reason they seized, you may just need to get them unstuck or you may need to replace the unit completely.


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What Did You Think of This Article?

What Did You Think of This Article?