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A Gas Valve Set to Off Could Explain Your Problem

The gas valve controls the flow of gas into your home, so it needs to be on to allow your appliances to keep working. If you find one or more of your appliances have stopped working, your gas valve may be off.

Check Your Gas Valve

The gas valve is a small switch with a big job to do. This little valve stands between your home and the gas supply lines, and it allows you to stop gas from entering your home when something breaks or you need to replace a gas-powered appliance.

If the switch gets turned or bumped, it may accidentally shut off the gas and cause quite a headache before you figure out what's wrong. Fortunately, it's a easy fix: you simply need to turn it back on.

How to check if your gas valve is off

  • Trace the line to the gas appliance it is connected to. Do this before turning on any gas valve. Be sure that any appliance connected to that line is off to avoid accidentally filling your home with gas. If you're not sure which appliances are connected, or you're not confident that what you're doing is safe, call a qualified licensed technician to help.

  • Once you've identified what's connected to each gas line and you're sure you won't be leaking gas into your home, you can start testing. There are a few different gas valves around your home. To find the one that's off, you'll need to check each valve and make sure it's on. Luckily, the valves are designed to be easy to tell if it's on or off. "On" is when the ends of the valve are lined up with the pipe. "Off" is when the ends of the valve are running in the opposite direction of the pipe (perpendicular).

  • Start with the main gas meter shut-off valve and make sure it's on. If it is, that means that gas is being supplied to the house, so the issue must be a branch line to an appliance. Check the valve on the gas line to your water heater. It should be completely lined up with the pipe.

If this doesn't seem to be the issue, check out some other causes of no hot water, or no heat coming from the vents.

What To Do If Your Gas Valve Is Set To Off

Happily, you don't need a new part or a technician's help to get back on track. Just follow the steps above to turn your gas valve back on, and your appliances should return to full function.

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What Did You Think of This Article?