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Hot Water Issues? You May Have A Dirty Filter

The gas water heater filter helps ensure you have a regular supply of hot water in your home. But like other appliances, it relies on clean air to do its job. It's important to clean the filter every so often to remove the dirt that builds up.

Why Does A Dirty Filter Cause Hot Water Issues?

Gas water heaters rely on a flame to warm up the water. No flame, no toasty shower. The flame will stay lit as long as it has a consistent supply of gas and clean air.

If the air filters get dirty, the heater won't be able to pull as much air into the burner compartment to feed the flame. A starving flame makes for hot water issues and a cold shower.

If this is the case, a good cleaning will nurse your flame back to health so it can get to work.

How To Check Your Gas Water Heater Filter

  • Look for a metal cover located at the base of your water heater. Move it up and out. Shine a flashlight through the small window behind the cover. You should see the a healthy blue ring of flame around the entire burner. If the flame looks lopsided or yellow, this is a sign that your flame isn't getting what it needs. In most cases, that's fresh, clean air.

  • Gas hot water heaters take air in at the floor line, near the bottom ring of the tank. The filter, if your gas hot water heater has one, looks like a thick black screen wrapped around your water heater. It will be about 2 inches off the ground and should connect around the outside of the water heater tank. Inspect the filter for dirt, hair, or other types of debris that could be blocking airflow.

If the gas water heater filter isn't the problem and you still have hot water issues, consider other potential issues

What To Do If You Have A Dirty Gas Water Heater Filter

All that's needed to fix a dirty gas water heater filter is a good cleaning. You can do this by vacuuming the filter or removing it and cleaning it by hand.

Make sure to remove the majority of the dust and lint buildup, as that's usually the root of the problem. The good news is this shouldn't require the help of a technician.

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What Did You Think of This Article?