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GFCI Circuit Breaker Will Not Reset? You May Have A Faulty GFCI

If your GFCI circuit breaker will not reset, you'll want to take the following steps to check it out and determine if it needs to be replaced by an electrician.

Check Your GFCI Circuit Breaker

When your GFCI circuit breaker detects an issue, it will trip in less than a second to prevent electrical shock. If you notice your GFCI breaker tripping more frequently than normal, follow the steps below to determine if you have a faulty GFCI.

How To Check For A Faulty GFCI Circuit Breaker

  • Find your breaker box. The GFCI breaker will have a "test" button on it. Like all breakers, the GFCI breaker will have an "on" and "off" position. If the GFCI breaker is off, flip it back on.

  • Once you've reset the breaker, try the outlet again. If there's still no power to your electronic devices, test one of the plugged in devices in another area of the house to be sure it's not the item that is defective.

  • If the test button doesn't cause the circuit breaker to trip, then the ground fault protection isn't working and the breaker must be replaced. GFCI breakers should be tested on a monthly basis to insure it's providing the circuit protection that it's designed for.

  • If the GFCI circuit breaker isn't tripped but there's no power to the devices, there is a bad electrical connection in the circuit. The circuit tripping repeatedly can also be a sign that there's a defect in the circuit, not the breaker. The breaker is doing it's job to protect you from a dangerous situation.

Are you still without electricity? Consider other problems that cut power.

What To Do If Your Faulty GFCI Will Not Reset

A faulty GFCI circuit breaker is a problem worth solving right away. If your GFCI circuit breaker will not reset after it has tripped or the test button isn’t working, you’ll need to hire an electrician to come and replace your breaker so your home’s circuits and appliances can operate safely again.

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What Did You Think of This Article?