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My GFCI Outlet Tripped — Now What?

If one of your outlets lost power, it’s likely because the GFCI outlet tripped. While there may be an electrical issue, your GFCI probably just needs to be reset.

Why Do GFCI Outlets Trip?

A GFCI is a device in your electrical system that protects you from electric shock. Your GFCI outlet trips when it senses an imbalance of electrical current in the circuit.

How to check if your GFCI outlet tripped

  • Some GFCIs have indicator lights on the face of the outlet. If the light is red, then the outlet has been tripped and needs to be reset. Some GFCIs have a green light to indicate that the outlet is working. If your GFCI is showing a green indicator light, but your device isn't working, you'll need to test the other outlets.

  • If the red light is on, or your GFCI doesn't have an indicator light, press the reset button. After resetting, test the outlet again by plugging any electrical device into it and seeing if it works. If your device is working, you found the issue and the solution! Resetting it once should be enough, but if its tripping repeatedly you may have a larger issue with the circuit.

  • If resetting the GFCI didn't work, test your other outlets. If your device works when plugged in somewhere else, then there's an issue with the original outlet. If the device isn't working anywhere, it's more likely a problem with the device.

  • Locate the breaker box and check to see if one of the breakers is flipped to the "off" position. If the breaker is tripped, your outlet and systems won't reveive any power and can't be reset until the breaker is on.

  • If only one outlet isn't working and pressing reset didn't help, you might be dealing with a faulty GFCI. You'll need an electrician to come by and diagnose the issue.

If a tripped GFCI doesn’t seem to be the issue, consider other problems that cut power.

What to Do if Your GFCI Outlet Tripped?

If your GFCI outlet tripped, all you need to do is click the reset button on the GFCI outlet.

Still no power? You may be dealing with a different issue that calls for an expert eye. If you’d like a helping hand, you can reach out to one of our Remote Assist technicians for a free virtual assessment!

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What Did You Think of This Article?