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Google Nest Smart Thermostat

Not sure what a Nest thermostat is, how it works, or what to do when it doesn’t? Learn about the Google Smart Thermostat types, features, and troubleshooting.

What’s a Nest Thermostat?

A Nest is a smart thermostat developed, sold and distributed by Google. It’s an electronic, programmable device that uses machine- and self-learning capabilities enabled by Wi-Fi to provide you with heating and cooling temperature settings based on your lifestyle.

How it works

The Google Nest thermostat functions as any other thermostat, compatible with most HVAC systems. Yet, its smart device status gives it an extra edge. As a connected and communicating device, the Nest automates temperature settings based on your preferences and schedule. It uses a machine learning algorithm to learn those preferences and shifts modes accordingly. Those adjustments can also be made manually with Google apps remotely.

Why Consumers Choose Nest

Consumers choose the Nest Thermostat based on its improved performance over traditional thermostats and other smart thermostats on the market.

Benefits of Nest vs Traditional Thermostats

  • Energy savings

  • Savings Finder function

  • Turns itself down when nobody’s home

  • Controllability from anywhere through Google Home app

Benefits of Nest vs Other Smart Thermostats

  • Sleek and stylish design

  • Easy to set up and use

  • Machine-learning capabilities to allow for continuous performance improvements

Types of Nest Thermostats

There are three primary types of Google Nest thermostats: the Nest Thermostat E, the Nest Thermostat, and the Nest Learning Thermostat, the latter two of which are presently sold on the Google Store. All three versions of the Nest operate on similar software and have the same basic electronic, programmable, WiFi-enabled functionality. However, they differ in a few ways.

Nest Thermostat

The Nest Thermostat is Google’s basic and most affordable smart thermostat.

  • Design: Mirrored, large (3.19 in) screen with plastic ring. Available in four colors.

  • App Compatibility: Set up in Google Home app; Control in Home app or by voice

  • Features: Easy to set-up and program by app guide, energy-saving capability, monitoring and alerts available, controls home temperature while away, compatible with 85% of heating and cooling systems.

Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is Google’s upgraded and more expensive smart thermostat. It offers the same features as the Nest Thermostat, with a few added benefits. Each new generation offers a software improvement and a few additional features.

Generation 3

  • Design: Basic, large (3.25 in) screen with stainless steel ring. Available in six colors.

  • App Compatibility: Set up in Nest app; Control in Google Home app or by voice

  • Premium Features: Program by self-learning ability or manually, upgraded energy-saving capability, compatible with 95% of heating and cooling systems, smart home systems and remote apps (including Alexa) and Nest Temperature Sensor.

Learn about the older Generation Nest Learning Thermostats.

Nest Thermostat E

The Nest Thermostat E is another type of Google’s basic smart thermostat.

  • Design: Translucent white, large (3.19 in) screen with plastic ring. Available in one color.

  • App Compatibility: Same as Nest Learning Thermostat.

  • Features: Basic features of a smart thermostat.

Get more information about Nest Thermostat types and product specifications.

Nest Thermostat Troubleshooting & FAQs

When things go awry with your Nest Thermostat or a question with your device pops up, we’ve got you covered. Here are some common Nest-related questions:

  • Can I Use Smart Thermostat? The devices most commonly called "smart thermostats" are only compatible with "low voltage" 24v systems. Before hooking up… Read on

  • How Long Does Nest Detect Battery Last? A Google Nest battery can last up to two years, however they do fail sometimes. If the Nest application indicates that… Read on

  • Can You Install A Nest Yourself? It is easy to install a thermostat on most systems. You can get help installing your thermostat with the help of a Nest… Read on

  • Does Nest Thermostat Work On 5g? Nest products connect only to a Wi-Fi network. Your Wi-Fi uses the 2.4 GHz band, the 5 GHz band, or both… Read on

  • How Do I Know If Nest Thermostat Is Fully Charged? When your thermostat is charging, you will see a blinking red light at the top. When this stops blinking… Read on

Still have an issue with your Nest thermostat or have a question that isn’t listed above? Try speaking with a Remote Assist technician.

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What Did You Think of This Article?