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Why Is My House So Hot? It May Be Time For A Condenser Fan Motor Replacement

It's not uncommon for a heat pump condenser fan motor to stop working, and when it does, you may be wondering, why is my house so hot? Here's how to check for the problem.

Is It Time For A Heat Pump Condenser Fan Motor Replacement?

The heat pump condenser fan motor helps cool the compressor, and there are a few reasons for it to stop working. Sometimes, it's simply worn, but a weak compressor or a power surge can also cause the fan motor to break.

If the fan motor breaks, it stops cooling the compressor, and the outdoor unit can overheat and shut down. You'll need to get a condenser fan motor replacement before you can get that fresh, cool air back.

How To Check A Heat Pump Condenser Fan Motor

  • Take a look at the outside unit to check whether or not you can hear the motor running.

  • During the summer months, the condenser fan motor should be running whenever your air conditioner is on. In the winter months, the condenser unit may go into defrost for a maximum of 10 minutes. While it's defrosting, the fan motor turns off but will start running again as soon as the defrost is finished. If it doesn't start up again or it's turning off over and over again, you may have a problem with the fan motor.

What to Do if Your Heat Pump Condenser Fan Motor Isn't Turning On

A fan motor failure isn't uncommon, and it's not too difficult to fix. However, you'll want to call in a technician to investigate the trouble and help conduct a condenser fan motor replacement if needed.

Some options when the heat pump condenser fan motor fails

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What Did You Think of This Article?