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HomeX’s Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays bring together some of our favorite things: hot cocoa, twinkly lights, a roasting fireplace, fuzzy blankets, family and friends. So what’s missing? Your HomeX holiday gift guide!

We sat down with our Remote Assist technicians to get the (snow)ball rolling on gift ideas for this holiday season. With years of experience in the home services industry and a passion for solving home issues, HomeX technicians are at the top of their field and have plenty of wisdom to share.

You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to help tune up your family or friends’ toolkit (or even your own) with our team’s favorite tools.

Deck the Halls With These Top 5 Gifts

From toolkits to screwdrivers, we’re excited to share our Remote Assist technicians’ top 5 gift recommendations for homeowners and renters. Check them out below!

(This post contains affiliate links for the items and brands our Remote Assist technicians carefully curated. If you use these links to purchase any of the team’s recommended tools, HomeX may earn a commission.)

1. 11-in-1 screwdriver

Not one, not two, not three, but eleven screwdrivers in one! Whether it’s fixing a toy or tightening the screws on a sofa chair, this tool is useful for multiple projects around the home.

Our very own Dustin and Alfredo, each with about 10 years of experience in the industry respectively, recommend the brand Klein: “This tool is a must-have in every homeowner toolkit!”

2. 2-gallon capacity wet-dry vacuum

From spilled coffee to home system maintenance, a wet-dry vacuum belongs in every homeowner’s cleaning cupboard to keep their home in shape.

Our Remote Assist technician, Ken, with nearly five decades of industry experience, recommends Shop-Vac for purchasing wet-dry vacuums to help clean filters, coils, condensate drain lines, and any leaks or spills.

3. Tripod flashlight

As DIYers ourselves, we understand how valuable an extra hand can be when navigating rooms like the attic and basement, or even crawl spaces. A tripod flashlight will help illuminate any of those dark, hard-to-see areas and empower your family and friends to expand the number of home issues they can tackle on their own.

Brett, one of our Remote Assist technicians with over 50 years of experience, recommends a tripod flashlight to provide homeowners and renters with stable and reliable lighting while they work.

4. Drill set

For projects such as screwing in studs to mount heavy decor pieces or shelves, a drill set out-performs any regular screwdriver by offering a quicker, more efficient, and powerful way to handle a range of tasks around the home.

Munzer, a Remote Assist technician with 10 plus years of industry knowledge and experience, recommends the Craftsman drill set to help cut DIY time in half and make it easier to switch drill and head sizes for different projects.

5. Closet auger

When dealing with a clogged toilet, it’s wise to have a closet auger nearby. This tool works wonders to clean a toilet’s drain lines. With a General Wire closet auger, it’s time to say farewell to the plunger and start clearing clogs in no time.

What Can You Find In Our Tech’s Toolkits?

If you’ve fa-la-la-la-llen in love with our Remote Assist technician’s gift ideas, you might be interested in what they have in their own toolkits at home for more inspiration:

If you, your family, or friends are tackling a specific home project or issue, we’re here to help every step of the way. From identifying the tools you’ll need (perhaps one from above) to completion, you can visit for expert guidance.

Happy Holidays From HomeX

Who knew our Remote Assist technicians could double as experts in the trades and gift recommendations? (We’re not surprised though!) HomeX wishes you a happy holiday season and we hope this gift list lifts a load off your holiday shopping.

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What Did You Think of This Article?