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HomeX Wrapped: Home Service Trends of 2021

Were you a homeowner or renter who found yourself stumped over a home issue or two this past year? At HomeX, we are home to thousands of question and answer pages that address common household topics related to heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, and large appliances. With over 5,500,000 visits to our pages, we looked at what answers millions of people were searching for on to track the trends of 2021.

HomeX provides homeowners with answers to thousands of common queries. From questions about water heaters to electrical outlets, we love knowing our users are learning from us. But even more so, we love learning just as much from them.

Here’s a review of what we learned from each other in 2021!

The Big Picture

As we enter the new year, many of us are still spending the majority of our time in our homes. While this provides an opportunity for homeowners and renters to relax and connect with their surroundings, it also means they may experience home maintenance issues that are entirely new to them.

With the hope to prepare homeowners for 2022, we’ve outlined below the most common home maintenance themes and trends from our over 5.5 million visits to HomeX that we observed in 2021.

  1. Homes Get Smarter, but Homeowners Have Questions: In parallel with investing more time at home, homeowners are also investing in smart home devices like smart TVs and thermostats. With the growing popularity of these devices, we saw more questions and inquiries around this topic than ever before. Smart devices offer simple, efficient solutions for consumers – but only if they know how to use them properly. In 2022, education around these devices will continue to be important to reap all the benefits they offer.

  2. Home Maintenance Issues and Inclement Weather Went Hand in Hand: Following a year of severe winter weather, flooding brought on by spring and summer storms, and intense heat waves, we saw an increase in queries around related maintenance issues and damage repair. Fortunately, there are many proactive steps homeowners can take to help avoid home maintenance headaches. Preparation will be key for homeowners to weather whatever mother nature brings this coming year, from frozen pipes and flooding to fallen branches and power outages.

  3. DIY Continues to Reign: Escalated by the onset of the pandemic in 2020, DIY continues to be a habit that is here to stay. In efforts to tackle more home projects, we saw DIY-related searches remain some of the most prevalent amongst our community.

HomeX’s Most-Asked Questions

From thermostat settings to home system safety, HomeX’s thousands of questions and answers covered a lot of ground to help homeowners and renters maintain and run their homes. So, what were the most common questions amongst our 5,500,000 visits to in 2021? After digging through our data, we found a few answers ourselves.

Check out our top 5 most-asked home questions below and learn what topics stood out above the rest to homeowners, renters, and DIYers alike.

  1. How Do You Remove The Temporary Hold On A Honeywell Thermostat?

  2. How Do I Force Drain My LG Washer?

  3. What Heaters Are Safe To Leave On Overnight?

  4. What Is To Be Done If The AC Shows DF?

  5. What Does A Red Light Mean On A GFCI?

After analyzing which questions were most relevant to our community, we were able to uncover which home maintenance topics were top of mind.

  1. Electrical

This year, the most popular trade category homeowners searched for was electrical. With nearly 1.4 million visitors reading electrical-related content on, our data showed that homeowners spent a lot of energy learning about their home’s electrical systems.

  1. HVAC

From thermostat settings to error lights, our users were itching to solve issues with their home’s heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) systems. With over 1.35 million visitors reading HVAC-related content on, homeowners, renters, and DIYers were interested in keeping their home’s temperature and airflow comfortable and consistent.

Storm and inclement weather preparation

During the most extreme weather events of 2021, HomeX saw a significant increase in the number of visitors looking for answers to their home issues. For example, site traffic increased by 414% during the Texas arctic blast and by 40% during the New England Nor'Easter storm, with most searches concerning generator maintenance, HVAC issues, and frozen pipes.

Below, we’ve outlined the most common weather-related searches to help homeowners prepare for any potential storms in 2022.

  1. How far should my generator be from my house?

  2. How much does generator maintenance cost?

  3. How do you thaw frozen pipes?

  4. How do I know if my damper motor is bad?

  5. Is my furnace switch turned off?

We also analyzed our data to see which home systems our visitors were most interested in.

Homeowners and renters were able to save time and money thanks to the thousands of home maintenance topic questions they searched on The most popular home system searches are outlined below.

  1. Air Conditioners

Brought on by this summer’s heat waves, air conditioner (AC) queries came in hot, with homeowners curious about everything from replacing air filters to resetting individual units.

  1. Thermostats

Regardless of the season, it was clear that understanding how to maintain a home's temperature for maximum comfort was a priority amongst homeowners. Of the 1,000 top-performing searches on the HomeX site, thermostat-related queries were the second most popular.

  1. Washers & dryers

Of all the appliances found in a home, the ones homeowners had the most questions about were washers and dryers. In 2021, homeowners turned to HomeX for questions about how to drain a washer, how to reset a unit, and much more. With a little extra information, some people were able to solve issues on their own.

Aside from the most popular home topics and systems, we also discovered the most commonly searched brands and products amongst our visitors, with questions ranging from how to reset a system to altering specific settings.

  • LG smart TVs

  • Nest thermostat

  • Honeywell thermostat

  • K&N air filter

  • GE

While most home systems and devices operate the same, certain functions vary across different brands. Regardless of the brand homeowners have at home, our expert Remote Assist technicians were staying busy walking homeowners through how to troubleshoot and resolve issues with any home system.

From DIY to done

Since the beginning of the pandemic, homeowners and renters alike have become increasingly DIY-savvy, researching ways to help resolve their home issues without actually leaving their homes.

Almost a million, or nearly ⅕, of all maintenance-related queries on involved DIY projects. In alignment with the top trending trades and systems mentioned above, users were looking to tackle smaller DIY projects like unclogging a drain pipe.

Tying the Bow on a Successful Year in the Trades

At HomeX, we believe the empowered homeowner is the happier homeowner. As the $600 billion on-demand home services industry continues to grow, we’re excited to continue helping people live more comfortably in their homes, feel confident about managing and maintaining one of their biggest investments, and provide trusted advice from real experts at a moment’s notice.

After analyzing the home maintenance issues that were top of mind for homeowners and apartment dwellers in 2021, we love knowing that we’ve helped our community feel more knowledgeable and prepared to take on home service issues in 2022.

If you saw yourself in some of these trends and want to tackle your own DIY project, or have any questions about issues in your home, give Remote Assist a try! Remote Assist connects you directly with expert plumbers, electricians, appliance experts, and HVAC technicians over the phone or video-chat to walk through, diagnose, and potentially solve your home issues. With virtual one-on-one guidance, a Remote Assist session can save you time, money, and prepare you for situations in the future. And it’s all done on your schedule and at your convenience - all you need is your smartphone.

Let's Get It Fixed!

HomeX virtual experts will assess your issue (for free!) and can resolve simple problems.

What Did You Think of This Article?

What Did You Think of This Article?