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Where Is That Noise Coming From?

If your home sounds like a battleground, you're probably wondering what’s at war. While any unusual noise coming from your home is cause for concern, different clanks, thumps, thuds, and bangs can help you determine what's wrong with your home’s systems.

What Your Home Is Telling You

You can always call in a specialist to help you translate the sounds. But first, you can try to decipher what your home is telling you.

Potential Issues

  • house is making noise
  • no hot water

Sediment, minerals, and scale settle out of the water in your water heater and gather at the bottom of the tank. If it's not cleaned out, the buildup will prevent the burner from heating your water efficiently. All of this creates stress on your system, which isn't any better for your water heater than it is for you. Over time, the stress will shorten the lifespan of your water heater. All it takes to keep your water heater happy and healthy is a good spa day. Flushing your tank annually will clear the buildup before it becomes a problem, which will extend the life of your water heater.


  • house is making noise

Your cold water inlet has a shut-off valve that can be opened or closed to stop the flow of water during leaks or repairs. If the shut off valve is left only partially open, the water will not flow through freely. This can cause the water pressure to drop. It could also make noise as the water passes through the partially closed valve. As soon as the valve is reopened, your taps should work normally again.


  • house is making noise
  • air conditioner won’t turn on
  • blower sounds strange
  • furnace keeps turning on and off
  • furnace is leaking water

The heating and cooling system in your home is a mechanical system with many moving parts. Unlike most of your home appliances, it is exposed to the outside environment, refrigerant pressures, temperature changes during and after operation, motor bearing wear and electronic circuits that weaken. Though designed to be hardy and work reliably for years, there comes a point in the system's life where components wear out and the cost of the repair exceeds the remaining value of the system.


Let's Get It Fixed!

Our virtual experts can diagnose your issue (for free!) and resolve simple problems.

What Did You Think of This Article?

What Did You Think of This Article?