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How can I Check My GFCI Outlet?

You can troubleshoot your GFCI outlet by plugging in a lamp and pressing both the “TEST” and “RESET” buttons to see if the lamp light goes out. Safety is top priority when you’re checking your GFCI outlet: First, unplug all the devices from the outlet so there’s no hazard when you go to restore the circuit’s power. Then, you can plug in the lamp to test.

Routine Checks

Your GFCI outlets are vital tools for home safety, so it’s smart to test your GFCI outlets monthly to ensure they’re working properly.

Steps to Check Your GFCI

Use this process to carefully check your GFCI outlets:

  1. Unplug all devices or appliances connected to your GFCI outlet.

  2. Plug a lamp into the outlet with the light switched ON.

  3. Press the “TEST” button on your GFCI to trip the outlet and break the circuit – this should make the “RESET” button pop out and turn off the light.

If the “RESET” button popped out and turned off the lamp, your GFCI outlet is working properly. However, if the button popped out but your lamp’s light stayed on, your GFCI has likely been wired incorrectly. And if the “RESET” button didn’t pop out at all, your GFCI is defective.

If it turns out your GFCI is not working properly, don’t use that outlet. You’ll need to contact a technician to help you replace your GFCI outlet to safely restore power to the outlet.

GFCI Outlet is Out

In the end, if you’ve tried to reset your GFCI outlet and you’ve tested it and it’s still not working properly, you need a new one. Why not reach out to a HomeX technician for help with the replacement? We'll start with a free virtual diagnosis of the issue!

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