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How Do I Connect Hive to Alexa?

Your Hive Hub and Amazon Alexa devices can work together to create a more curated smart home experience for you and your family.

Playing Match-Maker: Making a Lasting Connection

Your Hive Hub and Alexa devices are meant to be together; All you have to do is introduce them, and they’re sure to be a match for eternity! Connect Alexa to your Hive heating device by following the steps below. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3...

  • In your Alexa app, tap “Skills”’ and type “Hive” in the search bar.

  • Enable the Hive skills in your Alexa. This will unlock the features that come with device connection. Follow the instructions on the screen, and log into your Hive Hub account.

  • Enable and link the skills of the two devices, and simply ask Alexa to “discover devices” and then to “control Hive.”

And now they’re hitched! Lucky for you, playing match-maker brings a whole bunch of benefits for your household.

The Perfect Pair

Your Hive Hub device and your Amazon Alexa device have all kinds of capabilities on their own. Together, they’re even better at making your home comfortable, in the most convenient way possible. You can use your Alexa device to control multiple functions of your Hive device, including:

  • Hive Active Heating

  • Hive Active Light

  • Hive Active Plug

Heating Things Up: Alexa Hive Heating Commands

One of the benefits of linking your devices is that they can work together with your HVAC systems to keep your home a comfortable temperature.

Active Heating functions you can control on your Hive with Alexa

With your Amazon Alexa device, you can:

  • Set the device name

  • Turn your heating on and off

  • Set the temperature of your thermostat

  • Increase or decrease your heating

  • Ask what the temperature in your home is

  • Boost your hot water temperature

All you need to do is ask your Alexa to direct your Hive!

Lighting Things Up: Alexa Hive Light Commands

Your devices can also work with your electrical system to keep your home bright and efficient.

Active Light functions you can control on your Hive with Alexa

You can ask your Alexa to tell your Hive to:

  • Set the device name

  • Turn your lights on and off

  • Brighten your lights

  • Dim your lights

  • Change the color of your lights

    ...all for any specified Hive Active light in your home.

Plugging Things In: Alexa Hive Plug Commands

The benefits don’t stop there! Linking your devices, it also will provide ease and convenience to the plug functions in your home.

Active Plug functions you can control on your Hive with Alexa

With the help of Alexa, you can:

  • Turn your plugs on and off

  • Turn devices (like your kettle or TV) on and off

...without even leaving the comfort of your couch!

And so, in the love story of the century, your smart home devices have come together to make your life a little easier. And you all lived happily ever after!

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What Did You Think of This Article?