How Do I Know if My Damper Motor Is Bad?

Your damper motor may be bad if the different zones in your home won’t reach or maintain the set temperatures. If your HVAC system can’t keep each zone comfortable, there’s likely a problem with the airflow — and that means your damper motor may be to blame. A broken damper motor won’t signal your dampers to open and close, so your zone system will fail to keep your room at the ideal temperature.


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Testing Your Damper Motor

Testing your damper motor can be difficult when you don’t know what to look for, which is why it’s a job best left to the HVAC professionals. An HVAC contractor can test the damper motor itself to see if it’s the source of your heating and cooling problems. However, you can also look for signs that point to your damper being the problem.

Inconsistent Temperatures

A damper motor that doesn’t work is like a broken traffic light; there’s nothing to guide the flow of traffic. Since damper motors help your system funnel hot and cold air into specific areas of your home, you might start noticing more inconsistent or abnormal temperatures throughout.

If air is circulating but your room won’t maintain the temperature you set, or if there’s limited airflow in the room, you may have a faulty damper motor. Time to call a pro to help!




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