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How Do I Know if My Humidistat Is Working?

Your humidistat measures and controls humidity in your home, so one indication it’s not working is an inconsistent level of humidity. You’ll need to test the system settings to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Testing Your Humidistat

Your humidistat is in charge of your humidity, so it’s rather simple to tell if it’s out of whack. Here are two simple tricks to test whether or not your humidistat is doing its job.

Check Your Humidistat Settings

Setting your humidistat correctly is the first step. If the humidity levels in your home seem off, there’s a chance your humidistat isn’t malfunctioning, but rather just set incorrectly.

What you should set your humidistat at can depend on other factors: A humidistat set too high can cause uncomfortable humidity levels, but too low and your home can turn cold. If the setting looks right but the device isn’t performing, it’s time to go to the next step.

Check The Control Panel Voltage

Check the voltage on your humidistat control panel by turning your humidity settings very high or all the way up and use an ohm-meter to check the voltage.

A voltage of zero means your humidistat is likely broken and it’s time to replace your control panel. If it’s functioning properly, the ohm-meter should display a voltage of around 24 volts.

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What Did You Think of This Article?