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How Do I Light My Furnace Pilot Light?

Each furnace is slightly different, but there should be a label on the side of your furnace with instructions on how to light your furnace pilot light. If your furnace does not have a standing pilot flame (a flame that is always burning) you should never attempt to light it manually. An appliance with a hot surface igniter requires a technician to diagnose and repair.

How To Light a Furnace Pilot Light

First, find the knob located on the gas valve that says “pilot”. Rotate it to “off” and wait five minutes.

Next, turn the knob to “pilot”, then press down on the knob while bringing a flame to the location of the pilot light assembly. Once the pilot flame has been established, continue to hold the knob down for one minute, then release the knob and rotate the control knob to “on”.

Some equipment uses a manual spark device to avoid reaching into the appliance to light the flame. In this instance, while holding the knob down in the pilot position, depress the spark button 3-5 times quickly. This should establish the pilot flame. Continue holding the knob down for one minute, release the knob and the flame should remain on. You may now rotate the knob to the “on” position and the appliance is ready for operation.

What if My Pilot Light Still Won’t Relight?

Usually a pilot light will blow out with a breeze or gust, but the steps listed above should restore the light. If it’s still not lighting, the opening might be clogged.

Disassembly will be required — it's time to give a technician a call to come check out your furnace.

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What Did You Think of This Article?