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How do I replace a Fan Motor in a Range Hood?

The fan blade is being spun by the fan motor. The fan motor should be replaced if it hums or doesn't run correctly.

Follow these steps to fix your issue:

  1. Disconnect electrical power.

    The electrical power to the range hood should be disconnected from the house circuit breaker. Place a towel on the counter or work table where you will place the range hood to complete the repair.

  2. Remove the filters and the bottom panel.

    The air filters need to be pulled out of the range hood. The screws that hold the bottom panel to the range hood frame need to be removed. If you remove the final screw, you should support the bottom panel with your hand.

  3. Remove the side panels.

    There are light sockets on the side panels. Pull the front of the side panels inward to remove the locking tabs.

  4. Pull the range hood down from the cabinet.

    The power supply wiring must be disconnected. When the range hood is removed from the cabinet, the power supply wires need to be loosened on the power supply wire clamps. The middle mounting screw has to be removed. The screws on the corners need to be loosened by 1-8-inch. Pull the range hood forward so that the corner screw can be released. Carefully pull the range hood down and set it upside down. The range hood is heavy Two people may be needed to pull the range hood down and put it on the surface.

  5. Remove the fan blade.

    The fan blade is secured to the motor by a spring. The fan blade needs to be removed.

  6. Remove the fan motor.

    Cut the wires connected to the motor after removing the green ground wire from the range hood frame. The screws that hold the motor mounting plate to the range hood need to be removed. The fan motor needs to be removed.

  7. Install the new fan motor.

    Attach the motor to the mounting plate. The fan motor wires should be routed through the wire cover of the range hood frame. The green ground wire needs to be connected to the ground wire screw. Use wire nuts to connect the fan motor wires to the range hood. Attach the fan motor to the washers and mounting screws.

  8. Reinstall the fan blade.

    Attach the motor to the fan blade with the spring clamps.

  9. Reinstall the range hood.

    The range hood is in the cabinet. Push the power supply wires. The range hood needs to be put under the cabinet. The corner mounting screws need to be tightened. Attach the middle mounting screw. The power supply wire clamp has screws in it.

  10. Reassemble the range hood.

    The side panels need to be reinstalled. To get the side panels into the front brackets, push the back end of the side panels into the frame slots. The light sockets need to be plugged back in. Put the bottom panel in place. Place the mounting screws on the bottom panel. The air filters need to be reinstalled.

  11. Restore the electrical power.

    To restore electrical power to the range hood, you need to reset the house circuit breaker.

Time required: 30 minutes.

You would need the following tools: Phillips screwdriver, towel, wire cutter, work gloves.

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What Did You Think of This Article?

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