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How do I replace a Fuel Filter in a Gas Snowblower?

The snowblower fuel filters screen particles from the gasoline as it moves from the fuel tank to the carburetor. Fuel won't flow if the snowblower fuel filter is broken. If the fuel filter is damaged, you should replace it.

Follow these steps to fix your issue:

  1. Drain the fuel tank and disconnect the spark plug wire

    Run the snowblower until the tank is empty or drain the fuel from the tank. The snowblower needs to be positioned in aventilated area. Attach the spark plug wire to the plug.

  2. Remove the electric starter switch

    Pull the starter switch off the mount. The starter switch can be hung by the electrical cord.

  3. Remove the engine shroud

    The key needs to be removed. Attach the acorn nuts to the engine by removing the choke and throttle knobs. The shroud mounting screws need to be removed. The primer hose and breather hose should be connected after the engine shroud is removed.

  4. Remove the fuel filter

    Pull the fuel line from the fuel filter. The fuel filter must be removed from the tank.

  5. Install the new fuel filter

    Put the new fuel filter in the tank. The fuel line needs to be re connected and secured.

  6. Reinstall the engine shroud

    The engine shroud needs to be reinstalled before the muffler shroud can be pulled off. Pull off the bolts that hold the belt cover. Release the control rod from the control rod receiver by removing the bolts from the red chute support brackets. Remove the bolts that hold the shroud to the muffler. Pull off the shroud from the wire control cables. Work the engine shroud onto the engine by aligning the choke knob shaft and the 2 carburetor mounting posts. The rocker cover breather hose fitting should be used if the breather hose doesn't pass through the opening. The rocker cover fitting needs to be secured with the breather hose. Attach the engine shroud to the engine with 2 acorn nuts. Put the wire control cables into the retainer clip. The shroud mounting bolts need to be reinstalled. Line up the support brackets with the mounting holes if you push the control rod back into the receiver. The red chute support brackets have bolts in them. Attach the belt cover to the mounting bolts. The choke and throttle knobs need to be reinstalled. The engine shroud needs to be removed because it fits under the bottom lip of the muffler shroud. The engine shroud can be removed without removing the muffler shroud.

  7. Reinstall the electric starter switch

    Remove the mounting screws from the electric starter switch.

  8. Reconnect the spark plug

    The spark plug wire needs to be reconnected.

  9. Reinstall the key

    The slot has a key in it.

Time required:

15 minutes.

You would need the following tools:

needle nose pliers, phillips screwdriver, slot screwdriver, socket and ratchet set, work gloves, wrench set.

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What Did You Think of This Article?

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