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How do I replace a Fuel Line in a Gas Leaf Blower?

A leaf blower's fuel lines carry fuel from the tank to the primer bulb and from there to the fuel system. Fuel lines can crack or break if they become brittle over time. A damaged or brittle fuel line should be replaced. The new fuel lines should be installed the same way the old ones were installed.

Follow these steps to fix your issue:

  1. Drain the fuel tank

    In a well-ventilated area, remove the fuel cap and empty the fuel from the tank into a container.

  2. Disconnect the spark plug wire

    Remove the wire from the spark plug to make sure the leaf blower can start.

  3. Remove the blower tube

    Remove the thumb screw from the front of the housing and remove the blower tube.

  4. Remove the air filter cover

    The air filter cover needs to be removed before the screws can be removed.

  5. Remove the carburetor

    The screws that hold the carburetor in place need to be removed. Release the air box from the choke levers. If you want to remove the fuel lines from the carburetor, you need to know the configuration of the small and large fuel lines. The engine has a carburetor. The screws need to be removed from the accessory. The air dam is on the engine.

  6. Remove the fuel tank

    Pull the guard cover off of the muffler by removing the screws from the front. The blower tube thumb screw needs to be removed from the housing. Pull the left side of the housing off the blower and remove the screws from the right side. The fan cover and handle come off the house. There is a fuel tank in the housing.

  7. Pull the fuel lines out of the tank

    The end of the small fuel line is inside the tank. The fuel filter is in the mouth of the tank. The small fuel line has a fuel filter at the end. Pull the fuel line out of the tank. Pull the large fuel line out of the mouth of the tank by pushing it into the tank through the mounting hole.

  8. Install the large fuel line

    The large fuel line needs to be cut at an angle. You can grab the end of the tank through the mouth opening if you push the end through the mounting hole. Attach the grommet on the end of the large fuel line square. Take the opposite end of the fuel line and tug it to the side of the tank. The original large fuel line should be cut to the same length as the large fuel line. To lubricate the fuel lines, use a drop of oil.

  9. Install the small fuel line

    At an angle, cut the end of the small fuel line. Pull the small line out of the mouth of the tank if you want to grab the end through the mounting hole. Attach the fuel filter with the cut end of the fuel line square. The small line can be pushed back into the tank. Take the other end of the fuel and push it to the other side of the tank. The small fuel line should be the same length as the original.

  10. Reinstall the left side of the housing

    If you want to thread the fuel lines through the hole in the housing, you have to position the left side of the housing near the leaf blower. To make sure the starter pull cord is positioned correctly, push the housing back together and position the handle. If you put the thumb screw in the housing at the front of the blower, it will catch the nut and you won't need to tighten it. To keep the housing in place, install two other screws. The tab on the fan cover needs to be pried out. Hold the spring in the loaded position while snapping the fan cover into the housing. To tighten the screws, insert all of the housing screws. Put the guard cover back on the muffler. The fuel cap must be reinstalled.

  11. Reinstall the carburetor

    The fuel lines need to be pushed onto the correct connections. The choke levers should be positioned in the air box correctly. Remove the mounting screws on the side of the engine. Attach the air filter cover with the screws.

  12. Reinstall the blower tube

    Put the blower tube back on the front of the housing.

  13. Connect the spark plug

    Attach the spark plug wire back to it's place.

Time required:

60 minutes.

You would need the following tools:

approved fuel container, needle nose pliers, paper towels or shop rags, scissors, torx screwdriver, work gloves.

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What Did You Think of This Article?

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